Throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, APO Imports can assist on getting any vehicle of your liking. We do have vehicles at hand, however, all of our vehicles can stay in stock while we assist in getting you the exact vehicle that you desire, from exterior to interior colors and any other necessary specifications you may require.

If you have already found a vehicle that you would like to purchase throughout any of the fifty states, we can have certified mechanics conduct an inspection, ensuring the reliable performance of the vehicle. If needed, we can then provide assistance with your land and ocean shipping.


If you are having thoughts about customizing your vehicle with a new set of wheels and tires or your current tire threads are low, look no further, APO Imports can assist you in getting the exact fit for your vehicle from a variety of brands and sizes to choose from. No matter your location in the world, we can get these products to you.


We provide land and ocean vehicle shipping services to the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. We provide SED and ISF filing, vehicle clearance of customs, excise and road tax ( customs, excise and road tax services are only provided in specific locations. Please contact us to see if your location is included).

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